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Cheapestflightever in partnership with Compensair offers a service that helps to get up to 600 EUR compensation for disrupted flight (delay, cancellation or overbooking). We work under EU and Turkish legislation.

It takes less than 2 min to check flight, calculate potential compensation and submit the application. We take care of all the paperwork We will prepare all the necessary documents, submit the claim with the airline and take care of all the further communication with the airline to settle a case. We will charge a success fee of 25% only if the client gets paid by the airline. No payments up-front are required.



Go roaming-free with Drimsim universal SIM card for travelers.

First universal SIM card for travelers

Drimsim — is a real SIM card. You can put it right into your phone, tablet or mobile hotspot. However, Drimsim isn’t bound to any cellular provider. It connects to a local provider in each country and just works.

You can call and text your friends, upload your snaps, plan routes, and never ever worry again about paying huge roaming fees. Wonder how you control your expenses? Well, there's an app for that : )


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Choose your destination, travel dates, and book your Hotel by clicking "Search"

Choose your destination, travel dates, and book your Hotel by clicking "Search"