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Stay grounded: Faster than flying, better for the planet

It can be a common perception that taking a flight is the fastest way to get from A to B. There’s no doubt that flying can be a quick and efficient way of traveling. But it also has a significant impact on the environment. When you look at the end-to-end journey time, it’s not always as quick as it seems: just think about the time wasted waiting in line at check-in, at security, as well as the times you’ve had to wait to board or to pick up baggage.

The good news is: traveling by train or bus can be just as fast as taking a plane. Another advantage is long-distance trains and buses in Europe are modern, comfortable and well-equipped with WiFi, outlets and refreshments. And then there’s the much bigger baggage allowance!

We have identified 25 routes in Europe from the 100 most popular, where taking a train or bus is quicker than flying. Here, we’ve calculated the CO2 saving possible by switching wings for tracks or road. What more could you ask for?

Ground rules: 25 routes that are quicker by train or bus



1 London - Brussels 188 -30
2 Paris - London 181 -32
3 Rennes - Paris 149 -29
4 Rome - Florence 135 -22
5 Paris - Bordeaux 128 -46
6 London - Leeds 114 -25
7 Paris - Marseille 110 -62
8 Valencia - Madrid 108 -28
9 Paris - Lyon 107 -37
10 Manchester - London 104 -24

* Travel times and time saved are calculated in minutes.


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